Sunday, December 30, 2012

N.B.S- My Reflections of 2012

This year has been an experience of extreme highs and lows. I'm sure more highs then lows considering that you made it through them if you’re able to read this. I know that some of you may not believe in a higher power or spirit-being; however it is important to recognize those that have been relevant in your life. We have to love those that have been unselfish and giving throughout our time of need and self-doubt. I appreciate the supporters that believe in my purpose for this world and who can see beyond my gifts.
 We also know of those that have not been there and we wish them the best as well. I understand that some people are meant to be around for a season and others for a lifetime. The love that you've been given is meant to be spread and hopefully we all learned something positive from those relationships. The relationships that were built through social networking, work or just in passing are all a part of our growth process. Considering that I experienced some lows such as being awakened by someone entering my window which I can now smile about. The reason why I can smile is because I made it through that situation amongst many others this year with no bumps, bruises, scars or broken limbs but with a testimony. The testimony of this year is that there is NOTHING that you can't accomplish or overcome with faith.
       My point of Reflections for 2012 is to discuss some of the awesome activities that I participated in or attended this year. Before I continue I have to thank everyone that allowed me the opportunity to blog about their industry of work on my site. I would like to start off with one of the most impactful events for me which was 'Blessed 2 Be A Blessing" toy drive hosted by PR-Vau've Davis of OfficialAnais. This event supported Felicia T. Simpson, Executive Director of "A New Me" Foundation to specifically assist single mothers at a local Chicago shelter. I was honored to be in attendance at Donna's Cafe in the Chicago loop along with many others who contributed to this drive. Everyone at this event was in great- spirit and shared the desire to give without expecting anything in return.
               The second highlight of my year was working at's "Fresh Fridays" event at Tiger O'Stylies. used the proceeds made at the door to donate to a co-worker who mother is suffering with bone cancer. The funds were given to her that evening and her eyes were filled with tears because of the thoughtfulness behind the donation being made.
 My third highlight of the year was shooting my first vlog for my friend Manager, Kevin Earl of "Flawless Fashion Boutique" and I had so much fun. I learned how to do a little editing with the help of one of my students now a graduate. My fourth highlight was attending "The Conversation and Book Signing" for Sam Sylk's book titled " Men Do What Women Allow" at the Dating Game on 89th and Stony Island. There were so many people there sharing their opinions on love and relationships. This event was insightful and encouraged people to make better decisions in their relationships; well I hope anyway.
Although I attended other events the ones listed above were the most impactful throughout this year. They were group engaged and organized with great purpose to the community. I am grateful for my position and where I have been placed to assist those that seek my help. Not sure why I felt the need to share this but hopefully it will lift someone's spirit as to why you are still here. NEVER let anyone say that you are NOT here for a purpose. 

N.B.S wishes you peace and blessing for the New Year. I am looking forward to a more productive and community outreach filled year.